About My Custom Woodworking in Douglas County

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Achieve the look you want in your home with the pieces from A&D Woodcraft. I am a custom furniture builder in Franktown, CO, and I craft stunning items for every customer. My furniture-making journey began about 11 years ago when I started designing and crafting pieces for family and friends. I then realized that I could start doing custom woodworking in Douglas County as a job. I went on to earn a certificate in Fine Woodworking from Red Rocks Community College and a certification in furniture and cabinet making from Penn Foster.

My design process includes a consultation with you about what you are looking for in a furniture piece. From there, I begin drawing out a sketch of your new custom woodwork. We can then discuss the type of wood and finishes, size, and fit for your home, as well as the best finishes. You can also show me a photo or an idea, and I can come up with a solution that can meet your needs, building items like custom dining tables in Douglas County.

I am passionate about creating the perfect addition to every home. When you come to me for Adirondack chairs in Douglas County, I perform all the work myself, including designing, building, and delivering the furniture to your location or you can pick it up.

Contact me in Franktown, Colorado, to start on the design for your new furniture. I craft pieces for customers throughout the area.